December 2018

The Line: The Incarnation

No aspect about the coming of Jesus is more mysterious than the Line that He crossed to be born into Humanity.  Yet it was this Line that made possible the salvation of everyone who would trust in Him.

The Line: The Wise Men

The Wise Men, or Magi, weren’t just a random part of the Christmas story.  Their own story stretches back further than the events of Jesus’ birth, and gives us insight to how Jesus crossed the line to greet even those far from God.

The Line: Simeon & Anna

Simeon and Anna are included in the birth story of Jesus, even though we aren’t as familiar with their part of the story.  Yet God includes them in Luke 2 for a reason.  What can they tell us about The Line that Jesus was creating in all of history?

The Line: Introduction

History is separated into two halves by the coming of Jesus.  His birth, death and resurrection not only changed world history, it changes the life trajectory of ever believer whose faith is in Him.