April 2021

Proclaim: Introduction

Our primary responsibility, as Christians, is to proclaim the good news about Jesus to everyone around us.  Yet we sometimes struggle to know how to begin.  Beginning with Peter’s sermon in Acts 2, we examine 7 proclamations made throughout the book of Acts that help us to know how to better proclaim Jesus!

March 2021

Marked: Calling Others to Christ

Like Matthew, we can’t help sharing our faith with friends and loved ones once we’ve been marked by Jesus. 

Marked: Count the Cost

Jesus not only called the disciples to follow Him, he called many others.  But with each invitation, He asked us to count the cost involved in being His disciples.

Marked: Called by Jesus

When Jesus calls us, we’re forever marked as belonging to Him. That mark should show through like a “watermark” in our lives that allows others to see Jesus in and through us.