July 2016

Heroes of Faith – Samson

Samson’s life story can make us a little uncomfortable.  His behavior is sometimes questionable… yet God still used him to accomplish mighty things.  Could his story help us in our own Christian journey?

Heroes of Faith – Ruth

Ruth is an unlikely hero… the kind that we all love to see win in the end.  Yet her story leads to the greatest story ever told, pointing squarely to Jesus, the Redeemer.

Heroes of Faith – Moses

Moses was a reluctant hero who witnessed God’s amazing power delivering the Israelites from Egypt.  Yet Moses’ greatest moment was witnessing Jesus, the Lamb of God, become the ultimate sacrifice for whole world.

Heroes of Faith – Jacob

Jacob is one of those Biblical examples who makes us a little uneasy.  His story makes him a hero not because of what he accomplished, but because of what God is able to do with someone of occasional questionable character.