October 2016

The Red and the Blue

Our nation seems more divided now than ever, yet we long for national unity.  We pray for the right leaders to be elected and the right policies to be adopted, but as Christians, how do we engage in a electoral process that seems so divisive and negative?

God and Us for the Rest of Us

God has invited us to join Him in being “for” the rest of us.  If we have accepted Jesus as our savior, we’ve also accepted the mission He gave us to share our story with others.

God is For the Christian

It may seem like a no-brainer that God is for the Christians.  But the truth is that many Christian believers are quietly living their lives as if they don’t believe it.  Imagine what God could do with the lives of those who believe that He believes in them!

God is For the Forgotten

Does it sometimes feel like God has forgotten about you?  Like it’s been so long since you’ve sensed His presence that maybe He has gone away for good?  Or maybe you’ve never really sensed His presence at all.  God is for you if you feel forgotten.