April 2017

Christ is Risen – Son of God

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything, and should be the most celebrated holiday on the Christian calendar.  In our first message of the series, we discover that the resurrection helps us to understand that Jesus is exactly Who He said He is… the Son of God!

March 2017

The Vision of Showing Jesus to the World

Jesus asked each one of us as believers to share His message with the rest of the world.  What would it looked like if we each fulfilled that mandate?

The Vision of Showing Jesus to the Church

What would it look like if we were Showing Jesus to others within the church on a consistent basis?  Would it change the trajectory of our entire congregation if we each learned what we could do to serve others?

The Vision of Knowing Jesus

Finding Jesus is only the beginning.  He also came so that we could get to know Him more every day.  What does that look like in my life?