August 2017

I Believe – One Holy Church

Jesus founded only one Church, with a capital “C”.  He is the Head of the Church, prayed for the unity of those in the Church, and wants us to act as brothers and sisters within the Church.  It is His gift to us!

July 2017

I Believe – The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is arguably the least understood Person of the Trinity, yet His role in the life of a Christian is unmistakably crucial.  What did Jesus have to say about the Holy Spirit in Whom we believe?

I Believe – Jesus Christ’s Return

Jesus promised that He would return one day, and that His purpose would be different than it was the first time He came.  And as believers, we should look forward to that day in ways you may not have considered before.

I Believe – Jesus Christ Resurrected

The Bible tells us that Jesus rose from the dead.  How important is it to believe in His resurrection? Does it make a difference to my faith and my ability to follow Him?