February 2017

Guarding Your Heart is Romantic

In a world saturated with temptations, God’s Word teaches us that guarding our hearts is vital for survival.

Putting God First is Romantic

We live in an age that’s obsessed with love, romance, and sex.  Does God give us any insight on how to survive this wasteland of brokenness and misunderstanding?  As we hear about God’s love story, it will inspire us to view all our other relationships from His perspective.

January 2017

Reset – The Ultimate Goal

New Year’s resolutions and goals can be good things.  But Jesus reminds us that if we don’t keep our eyes focused on Him and what He is doing, we’ll never really find fulfillment in any other goals we might have.

Reset – Transformed

Now that we know what Jesus has done to help us push the “Reset” button in our lives, we turn our attention to what He now expects from us.  Paul tells us the only appropriate response to what has happened to us.