June 2017

I Believe – Jesus Christ Son of God

It’s not just about believing in Jesus Christ… what I believe about Jesus is critical to my life.  In this message, we explore the importance of the virgin birth.

I Believe – God the Father

What does my church believe?  What do I believe?  In this introduction to the series I Believe, we discover why it’s important to consider our beliefs and how they influence us.

Transformed – Facing Giants

When it comes to what we accomplish in life, we face the same giants David faced before he even encountered Goliath.

May 2017

Transformed – Changing our Perspective on Money

Jesus wants to transform every area of our life, including how we look at money and possessions.  Though financial security was not something Jesus concerned Himself about while He was here on Earth, it is something that tends to dominate our lives.  And if it’s important to us, Jesus wants to transform it!