September 2018

The Hidden Option: Part Two

The “Hidden Options” of life become available to us once we have fully embraced Jesus’ perspective on life.  Saul’s encounter with Jesus shows us just how radically changed a person can be.

The Hidden Option: Part One

Based on the book, The Hidden Option, by author Jonathan Malm, we explore the “either/or” concept of our decision-making process.  Too often we look at life as a series of yes/no decisions.  Jesus teaches us that there is a third, hidden option that should change our perspective on everything!

August 2018

Life Groups: Discipleship

What is a disciple?  And how do we best learn to be a better follower of Jesus?  Looking beyond what Jesus SAID, we take note of what Jesus DID with His disciples that made them into the people He wanted them to be.

July 2018

Judges: Samuel

Our final judge in our series ties together the period of the judges with the period of the kings, which leads to the coming of the Messiah.  Samuel teaches us how to be faithful to the BIG STORY of God’s plan to save the world.