November 2018

The Search for Happiness: Generosity

As we learn to be thankful and content God works within us to cultivate generosity, which is the final trait in our search for happiness.  We are blessed in order to help others, who in turn are thankful to God!

The Search for Happiness: Contentment

Most of us don’t imagine that we are greedy people, but many of us struggle with discontentment.  We are THANKFUL, but we still tend to want MORE.  Paul tells us that thankfulness WITH CONTENTMENT is the key to real happiness!

The Search for Happiness: Thankfulness

The search for happiness is not just an American pursuit.  Most everyone in the world would like to find happiness. Does God want me to be happy?  And what does the Bible say about the pursuit of happiness and how to find it?

October 2018

A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God: “What Does God Want?”

Over the course of our study, we’ve talked a lot about how we get to know God.  But what does God want?  What does He say is most important when trying to know and understand Him?