April 2019

The Gospel: A Proclamation

In this last message of our series, we discover that Good News isn’t news at all of it is not shared.  If we don’t proclaim it, the very rocks will cry out!

The Gospel: A Response

The Gospel is an invitation that requires a response.  In our second message of The Gospel series, we hear Jesus explain what our response should be and how we participate in what He is doing.

March 2019

The Gospel: A Covering

What is The Gospel? What meaning does it have today? In this first message of our series on The Gospel, we explore its ancient origins and God’s master plan.

VIVID: Showing Jesus to the World

Jesus came to save us, not to let us go back to how we were living our lives before Him, but to help Him in saving others!  A vivid understanding of that mission helps us to fulfill Jesus’ ultimate purpose for each of us in this life!