March 2019

The Gospel: A Covering

What is The Gospel? What meaning does it have today? In this first message of our series on The Gospel, we explore its ancient origins and God’s master plan.

VIVID: Showing Jesus to the World

Jesus came to save us, not to let us go back to how we were living our lives before Him, but to help Him in saving others!  A vivid understanding of that mission helps us to fulfill Jesus’ ultimate purpose for each of us in this life!

VIVID: Showing Jesus to the Church

“Showing Jesus to the Church” is all about finding our spiritual gifts and using them to serve others in our congregation.  In this unusual service, we spent time filling out a “Fit Kit” spiritual assessment, which we used to better understand how God might use each of us to serve at Watermarke Church.  The FIT […]

VIVID: Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus better requires us to know His word better.  A VIVID life requires us to find ways of learning more about God’s Word so that we can abide in it.