August 2018

Life Groups: Discipleship

What is a disciple?  And how do we best learn to be a better follower of Jesus?  Looking beyond what Jesus SAID, we take note of what Jesus DID with His disciples that made them into the people He wanted them to be.

July 2018

Judges: Samuel

Our final judge in our series ties together the period of the judges with the period of the kings, which leads to the coming of the Messiah.  Samuel teaches us how to be faithful to the BIG STORY of God’s plan to save the world.

Judges: Samson

Samson’s story reminds us that God is willing to use even the most flawed people for His greater purposes.  But when we understand the message of Jesus, we understand that we are no less flawed.

Judges: Gideon

In this second message of our series on the book of Judges, we examine the life of Gideon. God encouraged Gideon to trust and follow His lead, even when Gideon was afraid and weak.  Paul tells us that when we are weak, God is at His strongest.