August 2021

The Time Is Now: A Commitment to Christ

The Time is Now to consider your commitment to Christ.

The Time Is Now: Introduction

Decisions don’t come easily to many of us, but the decision to make a decision is an important milestone in our faith-journey.  Just as Joshua called the Israelites to make up their mind about serving the Lord, we must each make up our minds about the next step to which God is calling us.

Ten: Do Not Covet

The final commandment challenges our tendency to be self-centered, and is perhaps the commandment that helps us unlock the key to all the others.  The New Testament encourages believers to be content, which is the antidote to selfishness.

July 2021

TEN: Do Not Bear False Witness

Not many of us will testify in a court of law, and even fewer would plan to lie if we found ourselves there.  But does the ninth commandment speak to more than just court testimony?  How does the New Testament interpret the command, “do not bear false witness”?