September 2018

A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God: “How Does Spiritual Growth Happen?”

God has created each of us as unique human beings, so it’s no wonder that the way we best relate to God will be just as unique.  As our study reveals, we are called to make an effort toward knowing God better, while understanding that God reveals Himself to us through Jesus Christ in a […]

A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God: “What Does it Mean to Know God?”

Based on a Larry Osborne book by the same name, our church-wide study explores the nature of faith and how we get to know God.  By asking the right questions, we honor God by seeking Him.

Fall Fest 2018

To the uninitiated, church can sometimes be unfamiliar at best, and even intimidating or frustrating at worst.  Yet the message of Jesus is fairly simple.  How can we best understand that message, and decide on our next step of faith?

The Hidden Option: Part Two

The “Hidden Options” of life become available to us once we have fully embraced Jesus’ perspective on life.  Saul’s encounter with Jesus shows us just how radically changed a person can be.