July 2020

Heart of Worship: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength

Jesus said that a life of worship could be summed up by loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and loving others as we love ourselves.  It may be more challenging than it first appears, but it brings us to the very heart of worship!

Heart of Worship: In Spirit and in Truth

Though we’re a “portable” church, it’s been a challenge to meet in unconventional places during the pandemic.  Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well speaks to us about our current situation and, more importantly, speaks to the Heart of Worship.

June 2020

Heart of Worship: It’s All About Jesus

What is worship really about?  Why do we do it, how do we do it, and why is it important?  In this series, we’ll search Scripture to find answers to those questions and more.  

Pentecost and the Holy Spirit: The Gifts

Scripture clearly teaches that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to us that we are to use to help one another.  What are those gifts? How do I know what gift has been given to me?  In this message, we discover that the purpose of the gifts help us to better understand the answer to those […]