June 2019

Fruit of the Spirit: Introduction

Is the Christian life just a list of DOs and DON’Ts?  If so, how do we know we’re even doing it right?  In this introduction to our summer series, “Fruit of the Spirit,” we talk about what it might look like when Jesus gets a hold of our lives.

Hot Seat: Abortion

Abortion has been legal in our country for nearly 50 years, yet the issues surrounding this controversial issue have been around for millennia.  What does the Bible say about abortion?  What does God think about abortion?  As followers of Jesus, we desire to understand and follow His heart concerning abortion, just as we desire to […]

Hot Seat: Sexual Purity

Our world is saturated by the sexual, yet God gave sex to us as a gift.  How do we reconcile living with purity in this area of lives with the constant bombardment of impurity around us?

May 2019

Hot Seat: Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can affect anyone at anytime, yet it continues to be a subject that is difficult for us to talk about.  As followers of Jesus, how can we best engage in an ongoing conversation about mental and emotional struggles that plague our society, both inside and outside the church?