October 2020

Courage Over Fear: Holy Ground

Joshua’s strange encounter in Joshua 5 teaches us how to prepare to take Courage over Fear in our own spiritual battles. 

September 2020

Courage Over Fear: My Ebenezer

Joshua and the Israelites were commanded to pile up stones at the site where God brought them across the Jordan River.  What was this strange practice and how does it inform us about our Christian journey today?

Courage Over Fear: The Book of Joshua

Joshua and the Israelites faced a time no less troubling than our own.  Yet his story of Courage over Fear is recorded for us, not that we would simply follow his example, but so we can be reminded of the God who delivered him through those troubling times.

August 2020

Washed: The Church

At the birth of the Church, Peter directed those listening to repent and be baptized.  His directive that day did not originate from Peter, but from a long history of spiritual washing that finds its ultimate conclusion in Christian baptism, a gift from God that identifies us as belonging to Jesus.