August 2020

Washed: The Church

At the birth of the Church, Peter directed those listening to repent and be baptized.  His directive that day did not originate from Peter, but from a long history of spiritual washing that finds its ultimate conclusion in Christian baptism, a gift from God that identifies us as belonging to Jesus.

Washed: Identity

John the Baptist’s was a baptism of repentance.  So why was Jesus baptized? If he had no sin, what was the purpose of entering into the Jordan River that day?

Washed: Repentance

In the New Testament, John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus by teaching us a baptism of repentance, which is necessary for Jesus to do His work.

Washed: Introduction

Water plays an important role in Scripture and the act of washing often symbolizes a spiritual renewal.  The story of Naaman helps us to understand the heart-change that must occur for this to happen.