November 2016

Thank You Notes – Something More

Deep inside, most of us sense that there is more to this life than meets the eye.  We’re never quite satisfied with what’s here, and that’s not an accident.  Jesus wants us to be people who pursue more in this life, but He wants us to pursue something better than what we’re often focusing on.

Thank You Notes – Jealousy

Jealousy is the enemy of a thankful life.  And it’s also not a very pleasant way for us to live!  The Bible teaches us how to fight against the urge to want what others want – or to wish others didn’t have what they have.  Getting rid of jealousy will go a long way in […]

Thank You Notes – Contentment

It’s easy to be thankful when we receive a gift from someone.  But we’re called by Scripture to lead lives that are thankful in all circumstances.  In this first message of our series, “Thank You Notes,”  we hear what the Bible teaches us about the foundation for a thankful life.