December 2020

Hope for the Holidays: Dangerous

We celebrate the visit of the wise men every Christmas, but the second half of the story is rarely depicted on Christmas cards.  It was a dangerous story that brought us the HOPE of Christmas.

Hope for the Holidays: Common

Why did the angel appear to shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus?  Could there be something in this situation that brings us hope for the holidays?

Hope for the Holidays: Unsanitized

The birth of Jesus was far from the sanitized manger scene we usually see this time of year.  It was dirty, difficult and dangerous.  But it was a rescue mission that was planned for a purpose.

November 2020

Hope for the Holidays: Messy

We have a unique opportunity in 2020 to view the Christmas season from a fresh perspective.  When Jesus was born, the world was no less messy than it is right now.