July 2021

TEN: Do Not Bear False Witness

Not many of us will testify in a court of law, and even fewer would plan to lie if we found ourselves there.  But does the ninth commandment speak to more than just court testimony?  How does the New Testament interpret the command, “do not bear false witness”?

Ten: Don’t Commit Adultery

God commands us to be faithful in marriage, but Jesus carries it even further.  The heart of a successful marriage reflects the heart of God.

Ten: Do Not Murder

“Do not murder” is one of the most recognizable commandments, and is universally recognized as one of the gravest sins. But how does Jesus go beyond the commandment to the heart of the issue?

June 2021

Ten: Honor Your Father and Mother

By the fifth commandment, our attention is turned toward how we love OTHERS, beginning with parents.  By honoring them, we honor God.