October 2021

Help My Unbelief: Are You the One?

Even the most revered men and women of faith in the Scriptures had their doubts. Jesus helps us to restore our faith in Him through the doubts of John the Baptist.

Help My Unbelief: If You Can

“Help my unbelief,” was the request of a desperate father looking for healing for his son.  Jesus offers to strengthen our belief in the same way He brought faith and healing into the lives of that father and son so long ago.

Trust & Obey: A Holy Nation

There are no perfect people in the Church today.  Only those who have been forgiven and are called to trust and obey the Lord in their lives.  Peter says the Church is a Holy Nation that represents how God gives grace, hope and empowerment to live more like Jesus every day.

September 2021

Trust & Obey: Holiness

Peter calls us to action in the second half of 1 Peter 1, which results in our obedience.  Jesus did not just come to be our Savior, He came to be the Lord of our lives every single day.  If we trust Him, we will obey Him.